2019 MINI JCW COUNTRYMAN RALLY REVIEW & CHANGES – The introduction of the all-new MINI John Cooper Functions Rally underlines MINI Motorsport’s long-term dedication to its involvement in motorsport in particular in the arena of rally-raid and the FIA World Cup, the famous Dakar Rally and the most up-to-date long-distance endurance challenge of the Silk Way Rally.

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The 2019 MINI John Cooper Operates Rally is a fascinating new development from MINI and X-raid and destined to repeat race success obtained to date. Based on the all-new MINI Countryman, its sporting dynamics easily delivered a platform for the new MINI John Cooper Operates Rally and its function as a professional cross-country rally car. To make a car ready to correctly deal with and endure the rigors of cross-country rally is a challenge in alone. However, the MINI John Cooper Is effective Rally has become made and constructed to reach and exceed the exact same level of achievements as the earlier car thanks to an exacting development programme. The MINI John Cooper Functions Rally may also be toxic to frequent development via motorsport companion X-raid in getting for the new MINI John Cooper Will work Rally to turn out to be as victorious and iconic in the cross-country rally world as its predecessor. At the exact time, complex feedback attained from its racing development programme can, of course, be used to more support dependability and performance programmes in all factors of MINI manufacturing cars.

MINI John Cooper Performs Rally is a new racing car and the end result of an extensive development through racing knowledge of the current MINI ALL4 Racing. Based on the new MINI Countryman; the car has long been adapted to go well with the important safety specifications and the recent race restrictions as laid out by motorsport’s governing body Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Through the MINI John Cooper Works Rally design, development and build processes, many key places came under scrutiny and have already been extensively reworked when compared to the previous cross-country rally car. The next key regions are actually priority topics to deliver an absolutely new formidable racing package. The higher than areas ended up subject matter to a lot of several hours of design and simulation tests to guarantee the MINI John Cooper Works Rally delivers enhanced performance with reducing fuel use. The changes also shipped a really optimistic outcome on the drivability of the car from gains created instability, traction, and agility. When confronted with all manner of terrain and driving circumstances – from rain to snow to arid dry problems, from soft sand to deep wet mud, from 3,000 meters over sea level mountain tracks to valley river beds -improvement in chassis and engine depth is vastly advantageous. The exterior of the MINI John Cooper Works Rally replicates MINI Countryman and, consequently, MINI typical managing agility for racing use. It is also one of the locations of the car which includes received special interest from X-raid technicians. Several hrs used in the BMW Group Wind Tunnel with in-home motorsports specialists have resulted in aerodynamic detailing to substantially lower drag. Due to the fact the overall proportions of the MINI John Cooper Will work Rally are the same (1:1) to the previous rally car, and that engine performance and general car fat is, as in former years, decided by FIA restrictions, the improved aerodynamics of MINI John Cooper Functions Rally are vital for improved top speed on flat, open trail sections and the demanded stability at speed. Diminished fuel intake and better subsystem cooling are also skilled with the improved aerodynamics.

Composite bodywork e.g. carbon fiber and Kevlar is used for the MINI John Cooper Performs Rally outer shell, whilst a honeycomb combine of the similar components is used for an underside tier. The use of this kind of products is threefold: 1) energy and toughness – best for additional safety defense of the two-man crew 2) minimized body weight with greater power, and 3) panels are conveniently eliminated or replaced in the course of servicing periods or if ruined. The underside tier now residences all three of the allotted three spare tires// wheel combos and two hydraulic jacks operated from inside the cabin. Earlier only two spare wheels were carried in the underside. By shifting the third from the boot space to beneath, a reduce CG was received along with a change in bodyweight distribution to strengthen stability and involved driving dynamics.

With the arrival of the new MINI John Cooper Functions Rally, new colorways and styling cues are remaining launched in retaining with the sporting stance of the John Cooper Functions road car range. It will feature the exclusive MINI John Cooper Operates body color Rebel Green with the exclusive MINI John Cooper Works distinction roof color Chili Red as very well as newly created Sports stripes. Further MINI body colors for the X-raid competitor cars are Chili Red, White Silver and Light White. The exterior design has been created in near collaboration with the MINI Design team. Consequently, the original rugged and vertical exterior design of the new MINI Countryman was transferred to the competition cars, this kind of as bumpers, grille, bonnet, side and tail geometries, lights, roof rails and side scuttles. A new style of the racing alloy wheel is also to feature at key moments through activities and is derived from the John Cooper Functions accent wheel collection. The original design of the all-new MINI Countryman was transferred into MINI John Cooper Functions Rally by emphasizing the main features. The design team was being designed to ‘form follows function’, by purposeful altering the original. The expressive fender flares are stressing the crease-lines which are pretty attribute on the new MINI Countryman. The body itself is a lot broader on the fenders, which is aiding to combine an air-outlet in front of the doors.

The expressive hood was lowered for a greater visibility for the drivers, by maximizing the landscaping offenders and power dome, and the rugged looking John Cooper Will work ALL4 Exterior Optic Pack was adapted to fit the car. The site addresses for the underside tier housing the spare wheels are new “Rocker panels” and sorta new design icon of the MINI John Cooper Performs Rally. An expressive air inlet is built-in in the roof geometry, framed by the original roof racks. The rear is showing the MINI commonly cascading, a self-confident stance and an interpretation of the All4 Pack. To be certain the safety of the crew and in accordance with rules, the chassis frame of the MINI John Cooper Works Rally is replaced with a specialist frame built from tubular steel to aerospace standards. Designed particularly for the needs of cross-country racing, the frame is manufactured to exacting standards by CP Autosport. While the major chassis carries the masking bodywork and offer the skeleton for driveline elements it is the career of a front subframe to help the engine. MINI Motorsport partner X-raid devised this subframe to be detachable. These are the design of the chassis and the new subframe; comprehensive engine removal, if required, might be accomplished in just over one hour.



The suspension is delivered by professionals Reiger Racing Suspension. Each axle rides on four fully adjustable suspension units (two per wheel) furnishing the permissible 250mm wheel travel. Six-piston calipers all-around act on 320mm vented metal discs. To make sure dependable braking performance even though under the stress of racing conditions for hrs on end in high ambient temperatures, the rear brake calipers are air and water-cooled. Exemplary engine performance in conditions of response, power // torque delivery and ultimate reliability is supplied by a BMW Group TwinPower Turbo Six-Cylinder Diesel engine. Intended with endurance competition in thoughts, the 2993 cc dry sump engine generates 340hp @ 3250 rpm and torque of approx. 800 Nm @ 1850 rpm with the regulatory 38mm air restrictor in place. The use of the BMW Group Twin Power Turbo Technology is a clear decision for the MINI John Cooper Works Rally inside of the BMW Group engines’ family. The powerful and torque-laden engine is the race verified unit which includes captured MINI numerous major victories. Delivering peak performance at low rpm contributes to its renown reliability and is best for all terrain problems from uphill, rocky trails to wide open WRC-like stone included tracks. Its tractability is also an advantage on desert sands. Low fuel consumption of a race-tuned diesel engine is also a significant thought.

Improved fuel intake also comes with the use of new engine administration mapping. Several hours of testing has realized even greater possible in racing disorders, especially at altitude. The 2017 Dakar Rally will consider in Bolivian mountain sections approx. 3,000 meters earlier mentioned sea level. Minimized oxygen content at these heights not only considerably affects the way a body and mind perform, and also the way an engine breathes and can seriously hamper engine performance. To fully realize engine performance at all moments, the new engine mapping assures the retention of the MINI John Cooper Functions Rally’s drivability and performance. The MINI John Cooper Operates Rally retains the hugely regarded ALL4 racing driveline to place it in the 4×4 racing class which includes noticed MINI Motorsport dominate cross-country rally competition in latest years. The driveline features an AP Racing clutch combined with a six-speed SADEV sequential gearbox. Lockable, oil-cooled Xtrac front and rear diffs with a central SADEV unit to supply maximum engine performance at all periods regardless of the terrain and racing problems. Also supporting to stir the blood of MINI Motorsport and MINI John Cooper Will work followers might be the exhaust tone of the MINI John Cooper Operates Rally. The Akrapovic? exhaust is a new design with the rear outlet.

The cabin interior has been renewed. A carbon fiber dashboard space consists of three sections: driver, central and co-driver info units exhibiting essential information. The driver has chosen gear display and LED readout for RPM and gear ratio shift alert. Speed, oil stress, fluid temperatures, and electronic capabilities are displayed on the central dashboard to permit the two crew users to view. All navigational units are found on the co-driver’s dashboard. Ongoing test and development work is paramount to racing results. The new MINI John Cooper Works Rally is presently undergoing final testing ahead of the 2017 Dakar Rally – the ultimate in long length cross-country endurance rallies – and will probably be the focus of X-raid staff members and MINI engineers throughout its lifetime.

“MINI and X-raid is a famous partnership. Collectively we now have shaped today’s rich sporting heritage of this well-known British brand with the four victories in a row at the Dakar and of the FIA Cross Country World Cup from 2012 to 2015 and we wish to continue in the very same direction and show the reliable racing competence of John Cooper Works. With the realization of the new MINI John Cooper Is effective Rally, MINI is completely placed to prolong its sporting achievements.” “Introducing the famed MINI John Cooper Performs sub-brand within the interesting areas of rally raid, cross-country rally and the endurance troubles of the Dakar Rally and Silk Way Rally seals MINI’s dedication to this magnificent and powerful motorsport. This racing spirit will always be a part of MINI’s genes and products and solutions.



“The competitive debut of the MINI John Cooper Works Rally at the 2019 Dakar Rally is a rough debut in fact. The Dakar Rally is the epitome of the long-distance rally, the place the competitive strain placed on person and machine is like no other but properly represents the sporting spirit of MINI Motorsport and the John Cooper Will work sub-brand.” X-raid is motorsport husband or wife to MINI and pivotal to its modern-day racing accomplishment by giving the necessary race help. Sven Quandt, CEO, X-raid stated at the expose of the new MINI John Cooper Is effective Rally: “The all-new MINI John Cooper Functions Rally is definitely excellent; is completely diverse to the predecessor model we built upon and developed; it is a car based on extensive development as well in the wind tunnel. We have now realized better aerodynamics from this and, in conjunction with other new features; we have improved performance from this car. “One of the positive aspects of wind tunnel development is a bigger top speed and greater acceleration from 140 km/h upwards – these were being essential areas for improvement. The center of gravity has long gone down substantially – we placed about 50 kilos downwards by some 50 centimeters in the center of the car, which will help the managing and makes the car way more comfortable over all kinds of terrain, and aids the managing on a rally track with heaps of corners. In all: an extensive new and remarkable package.”

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